How to use velocity

How To Use Velocity Edit On Alight Motion APK [Ultimate Guide]

How to use velocity

How to use velocity edit on Alight Motion APK? This question frequently circulates on the internet regarding Alight Motion, a popular animation and video editing app. Actually, this is a legitimate query, and the answer is also accessible. In the past, the Alight Motion APK didn’t offer the ability to customize velocity because it was released recently and was still refined.

As time went by, both professional and amateur video editors expressed dissatisfaction with this feature, and the developers of the Alight Motion APK started working on adding editing capabilities for the user’s motion. If you are not familiar, let us explain it briefly.

What Is Velocity Editing Within Alight Motion?

Regarding video editing, velocity is technically related to frame rate, also commonly referred to as frames per second. Velocity mentions to the speed of the movie, which you can slow down or speed up as per your project requirement.

If you are close to the word “frame rate”, then we are sure you are conscious of the worth of the best frame rate for videos, but to choose the best frame rate for your videos, there are various aspects to consider. No need to worry; Alight Motion permits you to edit the playback velocity of videos. Let’s dig deeper!

How To Use Velocity In Alight Motion APK?

1. Check out the detailed steps in creating velocity changes within the Alight Motion Mod APK so you can get the most out of it.

2. Ready your video to play quality speed. Make sure the music you want, stickers, filters, excellent text, and everything else you want is added.

3. Check that you’ve included a few animations that utilize the standard velocity that the Alight Motion APK gives.

4. We’re assuming your video is currently included in multiple layers, so you’re tasked with editing all the existing video layers.

5. To start, select the layer you want to edit of the speed.

6. After you select it, a chart (option) will become visible in the bottom-left corner of your Android Mobile display.

7. Tap the button to access the graph settings, and An easy solution would be to offer the object to move quickly at first and then smoothly at the end.

8. Easy to exit and enter gives your item a variable speed (both fast and slow), depending on your need.

9. Then choose the velocity control mode that suits your requirements and save your movie again.

10. You’ll be required to perform again the technique for all videos layer in your project where you need to change the velocity.

Congratulations, you can now share and enjoy your video.


A video customizing technique called velocity edit permits people to select to slow down or hurry up the movie at particular points in the video.

The velocity is compatible with devices using IOS, Android and Windows 10.

Wave link speed is a client that gives terminal emulation capabilities for mobile devices using the Google Android operating system.

Final Words

Utilizing the Alight Motion APK makes editing speed easier. than ever, the last few years have seen an increase in the no of people looking for jobs in the field of video editing to edit videos at high speed. This creates it more appealing to viewers. Without speed editing, your video won’t have the same aesthetic appeal as it might otherwise. Also read Why Alight Motion APK Crash.

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