the glow scan effect in alight motion

Achieve The Glow Scan Effect In Alight Motion [Full Tutorial]

the glow scan effect in alight motion

A common feature in science fiction imagery, the glow scan effect gives an image a unique appearance by fusing a glowing aura with a smooth blur. This effect is available in Alight Motion, a potent mobile editing program, to help you improve your work. This post explores creating the glow scan effect in Alight Motion and walks you through each stage of the procedure.

Knowing About The Glow Scan Effect

With a glowing outline and a blurry image, the glow scan effect mimics a scanning motion. Often, this effect is employed to:

  • Show off futuristic settings or tech interfaces.
  • Draw attention to particular parts of a video.
  • Establish a feeling of mystery or fascination.

Applying The Glow Scan Effect In Alight Motion

Alight Motion offers an effect that is built in and intended just for this use. This is how to apply it:

  • Bring in Your Own Media: Open Alight Motion and add the desired effect to the selected video clip. To add the clip to the timeline, drag and drop it.
  • Incorporate the Glow Scan Effect: On the timeline, select the video clip. On the timeline, tap the “Effects” button (three overlapping circles) on the clip layer.
  • Go to the Effect: Select the “Draw & Mask” category from the effects menu. Find the effect that is called “Glow Scan.” To include it in your clip, tap.
  • Adjusting the Effect: There are multiple settings that can be set for the “Glow Scan” effect.
  • Start & End: Specifies where the scan animation in your video begins and ends.
  • Blur: Adjusts how strong the blur effect is.
  • Glow: Modifies the outline’s intensity of glow.
  • Color: Choose the glow’s color.

Examine and Enhance: Watch the trailer for the video to see the effect. Play around with the settings to get the appearance you want. Adjust the blur, glow intensity, and hue to best reflect your artistic intent.

Extra Advice:

Mask the Effect (Optional): Masks can be utilized to apply a more concentrated application. Make a mask that delineates the precise region in which you wish to apply the glow scan effect.

Activate the Effect (Selective): To make a glow scan that moves across the screen, add keyframes to the effect parameters.

Final Words

Alight Motion’s glow scan effect gives your video productions a hint of the future. You can create a visually appealing style that compliments your storytelling by following these steps and experimenting with the customization options. So go ahead and use your imagination to explore Alight Motion’s glow scan effect!

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