Alight Motion APK For IOS

Alight Motion APK For IOS [Without Watermark] February 2024

Alight Motion APK For IOS


If you guys are looking for Alight Motion APK For IOS, Mac, and IPAD, this is the right place where you are coming. It’s a fantastic app for those guys who want to create a wonderful video animation or another magnificent editing in videos. You can use a smartphone to work “as right as rain” motion in video clips.

It is the world’s first free application that provides motion designing with different graphic layers, Audio, and a lot more. Let us share “Spill the Beans” good news for you. You could enjoy the excellent features of the application whether you are an IOS or Android user. Yes, you hear correctly.

Alight Motion APK is accessible to IPHONE, Mac, and IPAD users, with each one of the options not establishing other apps. The Alight Motion application you installed in Google Play Store has a lot of limitations. Use Pro features to pay a handsome amount.

But don’t worry! We provide the latest version of Alight Motion APK For IOS, Mac, and IPAD on this site. With this Mod, you can use each of the unlocked Pro features. Using this app is your first experience; let’s begin to share a few magnificent application details for you.

App NameAlight Motion Mac Download
For IphoneIOS 12.2
CategoryVideo Editing and Animation
DeveloperAdobe Alight Creative
For MacMacOS11.0 Mac with Apple with M1 chip
For IpadIOS 12.2
Latest Versionv5.0.229.1001615
Latest UpdateToday

How To Download Alight Motion Mod APK On IOS?

Alight Motion Mod for IOS it’s a piece of cake procedure for download. Only follow the given steps below.

  • Go to the Download Button
  • Tap the Download Button
  • When you tap the Download button, you Divert to another page
  • Just takes a few seconds to appear; download the link
  • Tap here to Download Alight Motion file and enjoy

 How To Install Alight Motion APK In IOS?

  • Open the settings.
  • Click the “Apps and Notifications open the Advance Special App Access.”
  • Click the “Install unknown Apps.”
  • Click on your app(Alight Motion), and allow the source to turn on.

Alight Motion APK For IOS Without Watermark Features

  • A collection of graphics, Audio, and video layers.
  • Bitmaps and vector graphics support (customize vector graphics on the phone!).
  • Also, you can make excellent visual effects by combining 160+ fundamental effect building blocks.
  • Keyframe animation supported all settings.
  • You can select from presets and make your custom timing curves to get a lot of fluid motion.
  • Customizing makes it more reachable with bookmarks.
  • Modifying the colors and masking, grouping of images.
  • Motion blur established on speed.

 Features Of Alight Motion APK For IOS

A Lot Of Visual Effects

The creators of Alight Motion have added various excellent effects for images and videos to make your video more beautiful and exciting. One of the best effects is the “Distortion effect” in this application, and it has a lot of other effects like a bulge, wave wrap, swirl, pinch, and a lot more.

Attracting User Interface

In practical life, it is a great tool that you can use as per your wish and don’t feel any struggle while using it. Yes, we are discussing the user interface. Each of the users found the app to use a piece of cake. If you are a starter, don’t worry; you can create beautifully customizes with Alight Motion iPhone.

 High-Quality Video Exporting

A lot of video editing applications only provide video exporting into particular formats. Here is excellent news: Alight Motion APK gives high-quality video exporting GIF format and MP4.


Multiple video types need matching text, and it s impossible not to access multiple fonts. Alight Motion APK IOS provides 2000+ build fonts to attach your videos in different layers. Also, you can create your videos more beautifully and amazingly by editing multiple matching fonts.

 Modded Features Of Alight Motion APK On IOS?

Edit videos with no limitations here are accessible tools with the modded version of Alight Motion. The Pro version of Alight Motion APK gives the following advantages for you.

  • A lot of visual effects
  • Unlocked all Pro features (Free pro subscription)
  • Addition of custom fonts
  • Vector animation
  • Without watermark

Pros and Cons Of Alight Motion APK For IOS


  • Magnificent motion graphics on your device.
  • It uses a piece of cake and an excellent user interface.
  • Best customer services.
  • The effects and animations are stunning.


  • The app crashes into a few devices.
  • The tiles and keyframes require development.
  • Take much more space while using your IOS device.


Of course, Alight Motion’s latest version, 3.9.0, is accessible for IOS.  Download the application and use it on your iPad or iPhone.

Definitely, you can install the updated version of Alight Motion for Mac here.

You can, a piece of cake, get free IOS by downloading Alight Motion for IOS here. Only go to the download button and tap here. After tapping the button, you can install the file. Next, you can simply install the file on your IPAD or IPHONE and utilize it.

Of course, the Alight Motion APK is 100% secure for IOS. It doesn’t harmful for Your smartphone.

Final Words

When you are looking for a video editing application, Alight Motion is the famous option. If you are to make excellent content for social media, so Alight Motion is perfectly worth checking out. You can install the latest version of the Alight Motion from this site by tapping the link. Thanks for reading the article.

Note: If you have any queries, inform us through the comment section below. We request you share the site on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok, etc.

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