alight motion's contour gradient effect

Alight Motion’s Contour Gradient Effect [Full Tutorial]

alight motion's contour gradient effect


Alight Motion never ceases to astound artists with its diverse range of cutting-edge effects, and the Contour Gradient Effect is no exception. This effect gives visual compositions more depth and dimension by rendering a gradient along the outlines of opaque portions of a layer. 

We’ll explore the characteristics, applications, advice, and use cases of the Contour Gradient Effect in Alight Motion in this post.

Recognizing the Contour Gradient Effect

This effect offers color, width, outset, and opacity flexibility by producing a gradient along the margins of visible portions of a layer. By creating a gentle transition between the layer and its surroundings, it improves the visual appeal.

Characteristics of the Contour Gradient Effect

  • Colors 1 and 2: Describe the hues of the gradient borders.
  • Width: Modify the gradient spread’s width.
  • Start: Measure the separation between the gradient and the layer edges.
  • Alpha: Adjust the gradient’s opacity.
  • Fill: Change the layer fill’s opacity without regard to the gradient.
  • Fade: Adjust the fading at the outside border of the gradient.

Using the Contour Gradient Effect

Apply the effect to a layer and adjust its width, color, and other characteristics as needed. Transparent text, graphics, and photographs all function well with it, providing a wide range of application options.

Advice for the Best Use: To get the appropriate visual effects, play about with the Color 1, Color 2, and Fade parameters.

To utilize the layer only as a gradient guide and hide the layer itself, adjust the Fill to 0%.

For improved compatibility with the Contour Gradient Effect, add transparency to photos or videos using Luma Key or Chroma Key.

Points to Think About and Use Cases

Preview latency may occur on some devices due to the Contour Gradient Effect’s probable need for increased processing power.

Perfect for producing glowing outlines, stylized geographic map contours, and text-layered channel intros.

Final Words

Use the Contour Gradient Effect in your Alight Motion projects to improve compositions’ dynamic edges and visual appeal. Try experimenting with its characteristics and consider your creative options to produce amazing videos.

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