using count up down effect In alight motion

A Full Guide To Using Count Up/Down Effect In Alight Motion

using count up down effect In alight motion

Intro Of The Count Up/Down Effect

One easy technique to replace numbers in a text layer with values that are multiplied or added to a fixed amount is to use the Count Up/Down effect in Alight Motion. When making animations that need counting up or down, such countdown clocks, score counters, or animated chart labels, this effect is quite helpful.

This tutorial will cover the Count Up/Down effect’s characteristics, uses, and real-world applications while offering detailed implementation instructions.

Recognizing the Properties of Count Up/Down Effects

  • Add: Each initial number in the text layer has this value added to it.
  • From -100000 to 100000 in range.
  • By default, 0.
  • Multiply: This value is applied to each number in the original layer text.
  • Range: -2 to -2
  • Default: One Use

Text layers can be used to apply the Count Up/Down effect to produce dynamic numerical animations. Here’s how to make good use of it:

As we approach zero: Enter the starting number by hand in the text layer. For countdowns to zero, animate Multiply from 1.0 to 0.0 using keyframe animation.

Ascending to a Goal: In the text layer, type the target number. Animate Multiply with a range of 0.0 to 1.0 is used for running counters that reach a specific goal value.

Media or Project Time: If you’re mimicking a frame counter or time-related counter, you might want to try Timecode instead.

How-To: Making Countdown/Up Animations

  • Configuring the Text Layer
  • In your Alight Motion project, add a new text layer.
  • Put the starting or target number in the layer’s text content.

Using the Count Up/Down Effect

From the effects panel, choose the text layer and apply the Count Up/Down effect.

As required, change the Add and Multiply attributes to suit your animation needs.

Keyframe Animation

To animate the Add or Multiply properties over time, use keyframe animation. Animate Multiply from 1.0 to 0.0 for countdowns. Animate Multiply from 0.0 to 1.0 in order to count up.

Preview and Adjustment

To make sure your animation performs as you intended, preview it. To attain the appropriate time and smoothness, adjust the keyframe animation curves.

Realistic Use Cases

Seconds Countdown Timer: To make a countdown timer, animate the Add property by setting the countdown’s duration in seconds to zero.

Animated Chart Label: To generate animated labels for charts or graphs that show values that correspond to the current stage of the animation, use Count Up/Down.

Score Counter: Apply Count Up/Down to a single text layer that has the score in order to create a running score counter.

You can use the Count Up/Down effect in Alight Motion to make dynamic numerical animations for a variety of uses by following this thorough tutorial. Try out various configurations and methods to get the intended visual effects and add artistic flair to your video productions.

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