how to use alight motion's fractal warp effect

How To Use Alight Motion’s Fractal Warp Effect [Full Guide]

how to use alight motion's fractal warp effect

A Brief Overview of the Fractal Warp Effect

To give your videos an organic twist and a dash of magic, try using Alight Motion’s Fractal Warp effect. How to make good use of this effect is the subject of this tutorial.

Fractal Warp Effect Access

  • Start up Alight Motion and either start a fresh project or open the one you already have.
  • Click the plus sign and then choose “Import” to add your media file to the project.

Applying the fractal warp effect

In the Layers panel, you should be able to find the imported media layer. By selecting “Fill Composition Area” from the menu that appears, you can make sure that the effect is applied to the whole clip.

In the Layers panel, find the “Effects” panel, which is represented by a starburst icon. Navigate to the Effects menu, then put “Fractal Warp” into the search field.

Shaping the Fractal Distortion

To adjust the degree of distortion, the Fractal Warp effect provides a number of sliders:

Type: Select from a variety of fractal patterns, each of which produces its own distinct distortion. Try out a few until you discover the one that works for your eyes.

Modifies the fractal pattern’s size using the scale parameter. Greater distortions are produced by higher values, whilst more subtle effects are produced by lower values.

The speed slider determines how quickly the fractal pattern will animate. A more static impression is produced by negative values, whilst an animated distortion is produced by positive ones.

To observe the real-time effects of these adjustments on the distortion, use the preview window.

Refining the Fractal Warp (Optional)

Additional choices for effect fine-tuning are provided by Alight Motion:

The amplitude controls how much distortion there is. The warping effects become more noticeable as the value increases.

A fractal pattern’s degree of intricacy can be adjusted by adjusting its frequency. Variables with lower values produce softer distortions and those with higher values produce more defined details.

Color Warp: Pick a hue to highlight inside the deformed region. This can bring a one-of-a-kind aesthetic touch.

An expert trick: press the stopwatch symbol next to the effect settings (Type, Scale, Speed, etc.) to make them animate. You can make the distortion change as the movie progresses by doing this.

Blending the Fractal Warp (Optional)

Think about use a mask to make the transition from the distorted to the non-distorted parts more seamless:

In the Layers panel, find the “Mask” icon—a square with a diagonal line—and tap on it.
Make a mask shape that indicates the region that will remain undistorted. Depending on the impression you’re going for, this can be anything from a basic rectangle to a more intricate shape.

Exporting Your Masterpiece

With the Fractal Warp effect applied and to your liking, hit the three dots in the upper right corner and choose “Export.”
Prior to exporting, select the video’s desired resolution, frame rate, and bitrate.
A video with the Fractal Warp effect applied can be rendered by tapping the “Export” button.

Final Words

The Fractal Warp effect from Alight Motion is a potent tool for giving your videos dramatic distortions and changes. Through comprehension of its limitations and imaginative uses, you can improve the visual impact of your video productions. To fully realize the possibilities of the Fractal Warp effect, experimentation and ingenuity are essential.

Explore the Fractal Warp’s configuration options and see what works best for your Alight Motion creations; it’s a powerful effect when used in conjunction with others.

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