How To Use Mask Feature In Alight Motion Mod APK

How To Use Mask Feature On Alight Motion Mod APK [Easy Tutorial]

How To Use Mask Feature In Alight Motion Mod APK

Do you like how several scenes in the movie are playing simultaneously? If you reply yes, we will discuss this extraordinary and stunning video editing and video speed functions about how to use mask feature on Alight Motion Mod APK. Let’s recall the events of twenty years ago. Do you remember any film in which an actor appeared in two multiple roles in the same film? 

What do you believe about combining the title and a few other sequences? The only tool with such excellent benefits is the Mask On Alight Motion Mod APK.

We know you’re considering several options for masking Alight Motion Mod APK. Video editing is added in the mobile app and APK versions of Alight Motion. The masking function of the Alight Motion Mod APK is an effective way to merge two different sections of media, such as photos, movies, text, and much more.

They are a great way to make special effects and play a distinctive role in editing. In this in-depth explanation of masking in Alight Motion Mod APK, learn about the many masking options, how to blend masks, and more. Let’s start with a quick overview of masking before moving on to the actual masking techniques.

What Is Meant By The Masking Feature In Alight Motion?

The masking feature in the Alight Motion app is a fantastic tool that enables a particular visual to be duplicated or edited in a video in any way the user selected. The desired overlay video or image will be a mask during this process.

However, the template mask can grip the shape of text or something else to make the graphics more enjoyable. What are the most remarkable benefits of using a mask in video? The ability to create incredible videos that showcase your editing skills is the main benefit of utilizing masking.

How To Use Mask Feature On Alight Motion Mod APK?

Utilizing Alight Motion, you will acquire knowledge of how to use the mask feature one layer over one more by following the steps in the list. You can use Alight Motion to hide in minimum time, even if you’ve never used it. Come learn to use it.

  • First, download the Alight Motion Mod APK on your Mobile and open it.
  • You can include a background image after setting the background you want.
  • Then, add the layer you want to mask; for example, it can be any video.
  • Then, add the layer that will act as a mask for the effect you want to make. Pay attention to the phrases “as a mask” and “masked,” and avoid mixing the concepts you want in this space. Text is free to use, video or image.
  • The layer you need to utilize as a mask should be on the highest of the stack. Make sure both layers are the same length when checked.
  • After that, apply a mask on it.
  • To include a second layer, choose the earliest two layers and tap the “layers” button on the bottom left side of the display.
  • Select “Create Masking group” from the drop-down menu on the screen’s right side.

Final Words

In the modern digital environment, using Alight Motion masking is essential because everyone wants to watch attractive videos with effects that grab their attention, such as Alight Motion masking. We have provided this article in detail to guide you through the masking process in the mix.

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