How To Use Alight Motion’s Drawing Progress Effect

how to use alight motion' drawing progress effect


With its wide range of potent tools and effects, Alight Motion keeps on changing the face of video editing. The Drawing Progress effect is one of the most useful among them for incorporating dynamic and eye-catching features into your projects. This post will discuss the features of Alight Motion’s Drawing Progress effect and how you may use it to improve your artistic pursuits.

Comprehending Drawing Progress

This effect enables users to trim the start and finish of a layer’s vector outline to give the appearance of a partially rendered image or animation. Users can carefully determine which parts of the outline are visible with parameters like Start and End percentages, which allows for unlimited creative options.

Optimal Usage

It is recommended to utilize Shape, Vector Drawing, or Text layers with Fill turned off and Stroke turned on in order to optimize the impact of the Drawing Progress effect. This guarantees a smooth and polished appearance by applying the effect effortlessly. The effect is also perfect for Freehand Drawing layers, giving your animations a hand-drawn look.

Creative Applications

The Drawing Progress effect’s adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of creative uses. Your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to hand-drawn animation, word drawing animation, and flowing stroke effects. With Drawing Progress, you can bring your ideas to life with accuracy and style, whether you’re making a road map montage or a finished sketch.

Advice and Techniques

There are a few things to bear in mind for users who want to take their projects to the next level. You can create a sense of suspense and excitement by progressively revealing the artwork or animation by animating the End percentage from 0% to 100%. 

The visual impact of the effect can also be further enhanced by experimenting with Start and End decorations, which open up creative options for flourishes and embellishments.

Final Words

In summary, the Drawing Progress effect from Alight Motion is an effective tool for enhancing your videos’ dynamic features and helping you unleash your creativity. With exact control over vector outline clipping, users can produce beautiful animations, effects that look hand-drawn, and much more. 

Drawing Progress provides us a universe of options for realizing your ideas, regardless of experience level as an editor. Why then wait? Explore Alight Motion now to let your creativity run wild like never before.

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