how to use voronoi cells effect in alight motion

How To Use Voronoi Cells Effect In Alight Motion [Full Guide]

how to use voronoi cells effect in alight motion

Start the Alight Motion

  • On your device, launch the Alight Motion app and choose to open an already-existing project or begin a new one.
  • Bring in Your Video: To import your video material and create a new composition, use the “+” symbol.
  • Add a layer of background: Make a background layer using a picture or plain color.
  • Incorporate a Shape Layer: Add a form layer that serves as the base and covers the entire frame.

Use The Effect Of Voronoi Cells

  • To add the “Voronoi Cells” effect, select the form layer and go to the “Effects” tab. Modify characteristics such as scale and number of cells.
  • Choose Your Own Cell Colors (Optional): Make a duplicate of the shape layer and try out various color combinations for each layer.
  • Modify Blend Modes (Choice): Try different blend modes to improve the way Voronoi Cells interact with the background.

Optional: Activate the Voronoi Cells

Use keyframes to animate properties such as position, scale, and number of cells to create dynamic effects.

Optionally Add More Layers: Add text, shapes, or images above the Voronoi Cells layer to improve your composition. If you want to read comparison of Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor then click here.

Adjust Blurring and Opacity (Optional):

  • Adjust opacity for visibility and apply a little blur to give a softer effect.
  • Take a Look at Your Writing: To see a preview of the Voronoi Cells effect, play your video. As necessary, make modifications.
  • Preserve Your Initiative: Before exporting, save your project to keep edits for further revisions.
  • Take Out Your Video: After selecting options and clicking the export button, save your video.
  • Test and Investigate: experimenting is encouraged by Alight Motion. Test out multiple  video kinds and experiment with different variations of the Voronoi Cells effect.

Final Words

Use the Voronoi Cells effect in Alight Motion to provide your videos with a short sophisticated visual flair. Make the Voronoi Cells effect an engaging part of your video productions by playing around with the parameters, following through this guide, and discovering your creative possibilities.

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