learning alight motion producing vignette effect

Learning Alight Motion: Producing Vignette Effect

learning alight motion producing vignette effect


With the help of Alight Motion, customers can enhance their videos with expert editing capabilities. We’ll look at how to use Alight Motion to enhance the focus and aesthetics of your movie by producing an eye-catching vignette effect in this tutorial.

Open the project and launch Alight Motion: Open the Alight Motion app on your device to get started. Open the project where you want to apply the vignette effect, or start a new one.

Import Footage: To start a new composition, click the “+” symbol. Select “Media” and select the desired file to import the video clip for editing.

Include a Layer of Solid Color: To add a new layer, click the “+” symbol, pick “Layer,” then “Solid Color.” Opt for a dark color (usually black) to build the base for your vignette.

Align and Scale the Layer of Solid Color: To fill the frame, resize and reposition the solid color layer. The vignette effect’s background will be this layer. Also read comparison of Alight Motion vs Motion Ninja.

Include an Elliptical Mask:

Press the “+” button once more, pick “Layer,” and then select “Elliptical Mask.” Place the ellipse in the middle of the frame and resize it to the appropriate size to form the desired vignette.

Modify Mask Feathering: Go to the “Properties” tab when the elliptical mask is selected. To create a smooth transition between the vignette and the movie, increase the feathering to soften the mask’s borders.

Fine-Tune Opacity:

Adjust the solid color layer’s opacity to regulate the vignette’s intensity. To find the ideal ratio between the video content and the vignette, experiment with various opacity levels.

Animate Opacity (Optional): You may want to think about animating the vignette’s opacity over time to create dynamic effects. Keyframes can be used to emphasize particular scenes in your video and create seamless transitions.

Examine and Modify

To see a preview of the vignette effect, play your video. Make any required changes to the mask’s opacity, feathering, or size to make sure it blends in perfectly with the film.

Save Your Project: Save your project before exporting your video. This guarantees that you can go back and make more changes later on.

Click the export option to export your video. After selecting the format and resolution you want for your export, save your video.

Try new things and investigate (optional): experimenting is encouraged by Alight Motion. To fit the tone and mood of your video, experiment with applying the vignette effect to various kinds of footage.


You’ve learned how to use Alight Motion to create an eye-catching vignette effect by following this guide. This understated but effective method highlights important aspects in your videos and improves their visual impact.

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