alight motion vs motion ninja

Alight Motion vs Motion Ninja [Complete Tutorial]

In this world of video content creation and social media, we have many applications in the market for video editing. But what matters is which one you should use. Alight Motion and Motion Ninja are both capable and well-known video editing applications, but both cater to different types of users.

alight motion vs motion ninja

In this article, we will go in-depth and analyse the specifications of both applications to see which one is better for you.

Alight Motion Features

Alight Motion is one of the most capable video editing apps available on mobile platforms. It has many features that attract both expert and starter users. Alight Motion has visual effects and complex animations that you won’t find anywhere else, plus you can choose from a huge library of items.

Animations: Alight Motion provides you with amazing animation tools for making video projects, such as keyframe animations. Using the keyframe animation feature, you can make smooth animations, visual effects, and a lot of fluidity.

Alight Motion provides tools to draw your vectors and then insert them into your video. If you like to do complex animations on your mobile and you are a power user, then you can choose Alight Motion.

User Interface: Alight Motion’s interface is user-friendly which makes it easy to use, but here’s a surprise: because of so many features, it’s very difficult to become an expert on this app in a short time. Because of its steep learning curve, beginners should learn Alight Motion before using it. But Motion Ninja is simple to understand and use.

Presets: A huge library of presets is available in the Alight Motion app that allows users to use pre-made effects, keyframes, transitions and many more functions. If you know how to use the presets in Alight Motion, you can make your videos visually appealing.

Motion Ninja Video Editor Feature

Motion Ninja is an easy application to utilize. A starter can easily perform all the required tasks for his video. Compared to Alight Motion, it also provides a lot of unique features like slow motion. If you don’t create complex animations, you can select Motion Ninja without fear.

Touch Controls: The Motion Ninja app is designed for a simple user. All features are easily accessible, even if you are new to video editing. You don’t need to learn this app for a long time. Just install it and utilize it.

Quick Preview: In Motion Ninja you can preview your video before it’s finished so you can make important changes to it. This permits an easier editing experience because you know what the finished video will look like.

Slow Motion: Every user loves this feature as it has revolutionized movie making. You can speed up and slow down your movie at any part of the video. Thanks to this, you can provide realistic transitions between the actions of objects and different moments in your video. Here, Alight motion lacks a speed setting and slo-mo option.

Nowadays it is common practice to research any app before choosing it and investing your time in using it. If you want to know about Alight Motion and Motion Ninja then in this article we have discussed both of them in detail.

Alight Motion vs Motion Ninja

Both of these applications have a wide collection of different 3D filters and visual effects to enhance your creativity. But Alight Motion is far ahead of Motion Ninja here because it provides a lot more visual effects and has a huge library, it also provides custom creation of visual effects.

Fonts: Alight Motion and Motion Ninja both provide amazing fonts to enhance your text, but Alight Motion is once again ahead of Moton Ninja because it provides so many fantastic fonts to try out in the gallery. You can also use stylish Hindi fonts in Alight Motion. You can animate and modify them according to your preferences.

Sound Editing: While Motion Ninja only offers basic sound settings, Alight Motion provides significantly more advanced sound editing tools than its competitor. Alight Motion is a better choice than Motion Ninja if you need to concentrate more on the audio side of things because it makes it easy to include a beat mark to your videos in addition to allowing you to extract audio from any kind of video.

While Motion Ninja offers more user convenience and helps fast editing and little files to upload on social media, Alight Motion is best for professional users as it helps bigger files and high-resolution exports. You can also quickly share your Alight Motion video in the best quality.


It’s true that iOS and Android devices work with Alight Motion and Motion Ninja.

Both applications add free versions with restricted functionality; however, you might be required to sign up for pro plans to utilize them to their fullest extent.

You may export videos in 4K resolution with Alight Motion for good results.

Motion Ninja is a fantastic choice for novices because of its user-friendly features and intuitive layout.

Final Words

Before these two fantastic pieces of application, the world of video editing wasn’t all that thrilling. Either choice has the power to bring your visions to life. The final decision in this Alight Motion vs. Motion Ninja matchup will rely on your requirements and preferences.

Motion Ninja is a good choice if you’re a daily routine user looking to generate content or if you’re a social media influencer who needs to easily edit your movies wherever you are. Only Alight Motion can fulfil your needs whether you are a skilled video editor or a complex animation designer.

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