Alight Motion vs Capcut

Alight Motion vs CapCut [Full Comparison]

Alight Motion vs Capcut

Alight Motion is an animation and design creator, and CapCut is a video editor. Both options offer numerous excellent features, but determining the right choice for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. If you’re looking for an Alight Motion vs CapCut battle, this article is for you.

What Are Alight Motion And CapCut?

Of course, both are video editors, but both are very different. Alight Motion app is a video editor, but it is used for design and animation. It provides a variety of elements, shapes and drawing choices. CapCut is also a video editor developed by TikTok’s parent company. It has many amazing editing options.

Editing Tools:

Both apps have a wide range of tools, Alight Motion has drawing tools, more shapes and objects. 

On the flip side, CapCut boasts a broader range of video editing features. Some of the options include:

  • Cropping
  • Extracting audio 
  • Masking 
  • Adjusting Colors 
  • Noise reduction video
  • Splitting Enhancer

Text Styles And Effects

Alight Motion has 100s of fonts. You can see the full list in the Fonts area. The Complete list is visible in the fonts section allowing you to modify the font size text alignment and colour from the top menu. 

Alight Motion excels in its array of effects showcasing them in the effects panel tailored to the selected elements each imparting a distinctive touch. While certain effects are complimentary, others come with a Premium tag. Lastly, the application enables you to download text titles directly from the element section.

CapCut also comes with over 100 font styles and different languages. We can customize them by adjusting the background, colour, size, opacity, stroke and more.

Video Effects

Regarding video effects, Alight Motion provides approximately 140 options, including some premium ones. You can access the complete list by adding a video and clicking on the effects option. 

In contrast, CapCut offers over 600 free video effects for use in your videos, conveniently organized into various categories.


When it comes to shapes, Alight Motion takes the lead over CapCut due to its extensive collection of customizable shapes. Users can incorporate shapes and tailor the points to craft distinctive forms. Additionally, the platform offers the ability to animate these shapes, facilitating dynamic adjustments to their position and size. 

The keyframes feature allows for precise movement of each point as the video unfolds, providing control over the animation’s pace and trajectory through adjustments on the graphical curves.

CapCut has keyframes for changing position and size, but it’s not as advanced as Alight Motion. However, the application has more than 4000 dynamic and static stickers to use in projects.

Easy To Use

 In general, CapCut proves to be more user-friendly compared to Alight Motion. While both applications are user-friendly, Alight Motion introduces certain tools that can pose a challenge for users.  CapCut may be a good video editor, but most of the edits are easy to apply.

More features

Both support timeline editing, but Alight Motion’s timeline is advanced. You can create multiple layers for video clips, sounds, text and other objects in a timeline. You can drag and drop layers to adjust the positioning of elements and add new ones.

Audio Options

Both also support audio options but Alight MOtion only supports adding audio from the device. CapCut, on the other hand, lets you browse the TikTok library for sounds. It also provides over 500 free sound effects. Finally, we can record audio or select a file from the device.

CapCut Auto Captions

CapCut is one of the unique features of mobile phones.  It is one of the few mobile apps that can automatically generate captions or lyrics for your videos.  We have about 15 languages, and it automatically generated a 1-minute video with only a few errors in the test.


Both programs have drawing options, but like Shapes, Alight Motion is more advanced.  CapCut has a basic drawing tool for drawing videos.  It has color, opacity, hardness and size options.

Alight Motion, in contrast, has two drawing features: freehand and vector. The Freehand tool lets you draw with a brush.  It comes with brush size, color, eraser, and some other options. The vector drawing feature lets you create custom shapes by adding points.  You can also add multiple shapes with this tool.


Both are free, but you can subscribe to an Alight Motion membership and use premium features and effects. Additionally, you can get rid of watermarks and ads.  A monthly subscription costs $2.98, and an annual subscription costs $18.37.

Which One Is For You?

As I mentioned, CapCut is a video editor so if you need an editor, use it.  Alight Motion is for animations.  It allows you to animate and add objects.  If you are into anime or animation, you should use it.

Final Words

It’s time to part ways.  Thanks for reading CapCut vs Alight Motion Comparison. I trust this information aids you in selecting the appropriate app. Please share your thoughts on both in the comments and subscribe to the newsletter to receive any future updates on this article.

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