How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion

How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion On IOS And Android?

How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion

Alight Motion is a highly rated and used motion application for editing occasions. Equally, both IOS and Android devices make use of it. In addition, you can bring and export projects utilizing XML files utilizing the functionality in Alight Motion. 

This will make your editing procedure a lot easier and faster. Explore the blog to discover How To Bring an XML file into Alight Motion.

How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion Android?

A step-by-step guide is given below:

Alternatively, use the Android device’s fixed file manager application or make the latest section on the Alight Motion webpage. Follow the guidance below on how to unlock an XML file into Alight Motion.

  • On your Android device, download the XML file.
  • Launch the Anyone file manager program.
  • Alternatively, you can use your phone’s built-in file manager.
  • If you have trouble discovering it, obtain the following application from the Play Store.
  • Go to the index where you got the XML file, and long-tap the XML file to download it, using the download button below.
  • Also, if you can’t enter the share option, hunt in the menu. It should be well known that this policy will not work if you try to bring a lot of XML files.
  • After finishing the procedure, share it and find a lot of applications on the screen. The Alight Motion application has currently brought your XML file, therefore move to the Projects page to view it.
  • Currently you can smoothly open the XML file on your phone.
  • Since no latest application is required to be installed, this is the uncomplicated method. This tutorial is a complete, step-by-step guide manual for your convenience.

How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion On IOS?

An XML file is imported to the iPhone using Elite Cloud Connection and a QR code. Furthermore, Alight Motion will not become visible on the share sheet when you produce it with documents. 

Also, you can export jobs as groups of connected files utilizing the Pro Edition of Alight Motion. The project’s media files are now transferred to the cloud. The URL is saved for you to share your project with others in the time to come.

Additionally, the reduction only allows you to receive files under 5 MB. An alternative approach involves using a QR code to access the XML project URL. Follow the process on how to bring an XML file into Alight Motion on iOS.

When you are done editing and adjusting the background, resolution, etc., click on Create Project. When you tap the export button, choose XML for the document.

Open the QR code generator and reader application from the Android Market. Once the program displays the Google Drive icon, click on it to save the existing XML project to your Google Drive. Also, to copy the link to the XML file, tap the 3 dots.

You have different methods to share photos and videos utilizing the Alight Motion application. Also, Moreover, upon pasting the URL into a web page, the application will create a unique QR code that can be shared with others for scanning.

How To Bring An XML File Into Alight Motion Using Google Drive?

The steps to call to mind are given below.

  • First get Drive application from Play Store, next sign up with your Gmail account.
  • Tap on Publish from the below option after browsing the folder of your device where the file was placed.
  • On your display, you will now view a menu with some options. Also, to transfer a copy, select this option.
  • The file will be imported to Alight Motion in your working directory after you choose the app you want to send it to.

About Alight Motion App

Alight Motion application is the best motion graphics application accessible for Android devices. Additionally, it is designed for the skillful graphic designer who formerly designed for commercial apps. In addition, some beneficial features are accessible and free to use.

Highlights of a video or image are modified with this function on Alight Motion. Also, having full control over colors will help you be more creative. With a single click, you can effortlessly utilize opacity and blending, unlocking additional powerful features.

People love the gradient colour look, which is quite stylish. So it’s no problem about the results of utilizing the Alight Motion application. This application offers a variety of ready-made visual effects, including gradient fill effects. 

Furthermore, Alight Motion provides seamless functionality for importing and exporting documents and projects through XML files.

iPhone users must find a workaround because iOS does not include a default approach for XML files. Additionally, the Alight Motion application is hard to find between the sharing options for lot of IOS and Android users. iPhone users are allow to load XML files into the app.


Many Android users frequently encounter an ongoing issue where the Alight Motion app does not appear in the sharing options.

To import files in Alight Motion using an XML file, you can follow these steps. Keep in mind that only one XML file can be imported at a time, and its size should be less than five megabytes.

There is no solution for importing XML files for iOS users. Moreover, as a premium member, you have the ability to easily share your project by providing a project link or QR code.

Final Words

Finally, importing XML files into your applications can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with Alight Motion. Also, if a user uploads an XML file for specific users, the Alight Motion program does not appear in the sharing options.

The only way to do this is to use the initiative links or QR codes you have as a premium user. So, understand how to easily import XML files into Alight Motion. 

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