how to use alight motion wipe effect

How To Use Alight Motion Wipe Effect [Complete Guide]

how to use alight motion wipe effect

The Alight Motion app offers a variety of effects to enhance your videos. Among these effects, the wipe effect stands out for its ability to create smooth transitions and dynamic visual appeal. In the detailed guide, we will walk you through How To Use Alight Motion Wipe Effect in your video projects. If you want to download Alight Motion presets then click here.

Click On The Alight Motion App And Create A New Project:

To apply the Wipe Effect, open an existing project or start a new one by launching the Alight Motion app on your device.

Import Your Footage: Click the “+” icon to create a new composition. To import video footage for editing, select “Media” and pick the desired file.

Add A Wipe Layer: Tap the “+” icon, then select “Layer”. Select the “Wipe” option from the available selections.

Modify The Wipe Layer Length:

To select the Wipe layer, tap on it. Depending on how long you need the wipe transition to last, change the Wipe layer’s duration. To change the duration of the layer, drag its edges.

Decide Which Direction To Wipe: Choose the direction of the wipe effect in the Wipe layer options. Typical configurations are bottom to top and top to bottom, right to left and left to right.

Personalize the Wipe Effect: Investigate other options to further alter the wipe impact.  Depending on whatever version of Alight Motion you are using, there may be different options to change the feathering, softness, or color of the wipe.

Where to Put the Wipe Layer: To reposition the Wipe layer on the timeline, drag and drop it there. This establishes the location of the wipe effect in your video.

Optionally Add Several Wipe Layers: Add additional wipe layers at different times in the timeline for a more dramatic transition. Try different lengths of time and directions for every layer.

Modify Layer Opacity (Selective):

The opacity of the layers that make up the wipe effect can be adjusted to generate a more seamless transition. When paired with other visual components, the wipe effect can be quite helpful.

Examine and Adjust: To see a preview of the wipe effect, play your video. To get the desired effect, modify the duration, direction, or other settings as required.

Preserve Your Initiative: Save your project before exporting your video so you can go back and make any necessary modifications.

Export Your Video: Click the export option once you’re satisfied with the wipe effect. After choosing the format and resolution you need for your export, save your video.

Try and Investigate: experimenting is encouraged by Alight Motion. To generate distinctive and engrossing photos, experiment with blending the wipe effect with additional characteristics like color grading or overlays.

Final Words

Use Wipe Transitions to Improve Your Videos Adding the Alight Motion Wipe Effect to your films can substantially enhance the overall viewing experience. Utilize your imagination, play with the different options, and follow this tutorial. 

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