how to use alight motion box blur effect

How To Use Alight Motion Box Blur Effect [Full Tutorial]

how to use alight motion box blur effect

Alight Motion’s Box Blur effect is a strong tool that lets you give your videos a softer or blurred appearance. Here’s a detailed tutorial on using Alight Motion’s Box Blur effect: Also read Alight Motion dots effect guide.

Open Alight Motion

On your device, launch the Alight Motion application.

Create or Open a Project: To apply the Box Blur effect, either start a new project or open an already-existing one.

Import Your Video: To import video or other media for editing in a new project, hit the “+” symbol and choose the files you wish to use.

To add your clip to the timeline and apply the Box Blur effect, simply drag and drop it there.

Choose the Clip

To choose a clip, tap on it in the timeline.

To access Effects, navigate to the “Effects” toolbar item. Typically, it resembles an icon of a magic wand.

To apply Box Blur, look for “Box Blur” in the Effects menu and click on it. This will apply the Box Blur effect to the clip you have chosen.

Modify the Blur Settings: You’ll notice choices to modify blur radius and direction after applying the Box Blur effect. Try different combinations of these parameters until you get the blur effect you want. These settings are available in the properties panel.

Check Out Your Video

To see the Box Blur effect in action, play your video. To achieve the desired outcome, return and adjust the parameters as necessary.

Export Your Video: Tap the export/share icon to export your video after you’re happy with the Box Blur effect. After selecting your preferred export options, save your video.

Final Words

One can achieve visually striking and distinctive results by experimenting with different blur settings and combining the Box Blur effect with other features in Alight Motion. Enjoy experimenting and producing eye-catching images with Alight Motion’s Box Blur effect!

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