how to make a zoom blur effect in alight motion

How To Make A Zoom Blur Effect In Alight Motion

how to make a zoom blur effect in alight motion

With the support of the robust smartphone app Alight Motion, users may generate eye-catching videos with a lot of effects. A well-liked effect that gives your videos a lively, polished look is the Zoom Blur. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of utilizing Alight Motion to create an amazing zoom blur effect.

Set Up And Activate Alight Motion

Get Alight Motion from your app store and install it if you haven’t already. Launch the app to get your creative juices flowing.

Add A Video: To apply the Zoom Blur effect to a video clip, import it into a new project. With Alight Motion, you can choose from a variety of video formats, giving you creative freedom.

Make a copy of the video layer: Duplicate the video layer so that the original remains the base. This keeps the original footage intact by enabling you to apply the Zoom Blur effect to the duplicated layer.

Use The Blur Zoom Effect

Once the copied video layer has been selected, locate the “Blur” category in the Effects panel. Select “Zoom Blur” from the list of possible options. You can use the slider or enter a particular value to change the Zoom Blur effect’s strength. Try out several parameters to get the blur effect you want for your video.

Modify the Blur Center: You can change the blur center to increase the Zoom Blur’s visual impact. This establishes the blur effect’s focus point. To provide a dynamic and captivating viewpoint to your video, move the center to accentuate particular parts.

Animation in Keyframes

Use keyframe animation to achieve a zoom blur effect that is more dynamic. Go to the start of your movie timeline and adjust the center position and Zoom Blur strength.

Proceed to the timeline’s conclusion and make additional adjustments to these parameters. With the help of Alight Motion, a seamless transition between keyframes will be automatically produced, producing a dynamic Zoom Blur effect over time.

Adjust and Preview: Spend some time perfecting the Zoom Blur effect by modifying the center position, blur intensity, and keyframes. Make use of the preview function to see how the effect improves your footage. To get the right look and feel, make the required changes.

Include Other Components

Think about including other features in your video, like text, graphics, or special effects, to make it even better. Try out several combinations to produce a composition that is both visually pleasing and well-balanced.

Export Your Video: Export your video after you’re happy with the zoom blur effect and overall composition. With the several export choices that Alight Motion offers, you may share and save your creation in excellent resolution.

Final Words

You can quickly and simply create a beautiful zoom blur effect in Alight Motion by following these steps. Try out various settings, be imaginative, and see how your videos come to life with vibrant, polished images. Also read Comparison of Alight Motion vs InShot.

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