how to make a zoom streaks effect in alight motion

How To Make A Zoom Streaks Effect In Alight Motion

How To Make Zoom Streaks Effect In Alight Motion

With the support of the robust video editing application Alight Motion, users may provide their movies with unique and captivating effects. One of the famous effects you can achieve is the Zoom Streaks effect, which includes a sense of motion and energy to your footage. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step guide to creating this captivating effect.

Getting Started with Alight Motion:

Make Sure you have the Alight Motion application installed on your device.  Launch the app, then open an already-existing project or start a new one.

Import Your Footage: Click the “+” icon to make the latest composition. Import the video footage you need to edit by selecting “Media” and selecting your file.

Setting Up the Base Layer: To make the Zoom Streaks effect, you want a solid color background. Click the “+” icon, select “Layer,” and then pick “Solid Color.” Set the color of the solid layer to black, as this will enhance the streaks’ visibility. Extend the duration of the solid layer to cover the full length of your video.

Adding The Zoom Effect

Now, it’s time to add the Zoom effect. Click the “+” icon, pick “Layer,” and choose “Zoom.” Adjust the zoom duration and position according to your preference. This will be the primary streak in your video.

Creating Multiple Streaks: To make the effect more dynamic, duplicate the solid color layer and the zoom layer. Arrange the duplicated layers at different points in the timeline to generate multiple streaks throughout the video.

Adjusting Opacity For Realism: To create the streaks that blend more naturally with your footage, adjust the opacity of the duplicated layers. Try varying the opacity level until the streaks and the underlying video are in the right proportion.

Optional: Adding Motion Blur for Realism:

For a more realistic and dynamic look, consider adding motion blur to the streaks. Tap on the layer, navigate to the “Effects” tab, and add the “Motion Blur” effect. To suit your tastes, change the parameters.

Examine and Adjust: Play the video to preview the Zoom Streaks effect. Create any necessary adjustments to the duration, position, or opacity of the layers to fine-tune the overall look.

Export Your Video: Once satisfied with the Zoom Streaks effect, Tap on the export button. Select your preferred export settings and save your video.

Experiment And Explore

Alight Motion provides a collection of functions and effects. Experiment with different settings and variations to make a Zoom Streaks effect that suits your video’s style and theme. Explore other features within Alight Motion to enhance your overall editing experience. Also read comparison of Alight Motion vs KineMaster.

Final Words

Adding a Zoom Streaks effect to your videos using Alight Motion can significantly elevate the visual appeal and attract your audience. Follow this complete guide, and with a bit of creativity and experimentation, you’ll be able to master the art of making captivating Zoom Streaks effects in your videos.

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