How To Remove Watermark

How To Remove Watermark Within Alight Motion APKĀ 

How To Remove Watermark

Many people who use video editing software have a strong desire to know how to remove watermark within Alight Motion APK. This watermark can be quite intrusive and disturb the quality of their video editing results. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to watermark removal, this entire post is dedicated to addressing your queries.

What Is Alight Motion APK?

Alight Motion stands out as a leading video and animation editing tool, globally accepted as a premier smartphone application. You can easily access it for free through the Google Play Store. With millions of downloads, this app firmly secures its position as a top choice among editing enthusiasts.

It makes it easy for you to make and customize movies most powerfully and engagingly. Furthermore, there are two fundamental types of Alight Motion APK, specifically the pro version and the free version. The free edition gives access to a wide collection of helpful tools. However, some features could be much better in this version.

On the other hand, the Premium edition added each item, and you can utilize anything there to make stunning videos. You have entry to each item.

In addition to each of the factors just mentioned, watermarks are also a problem for users who create videos. When you export a video through Alight Motion APK, the software tool actually adds the logo to the movie you produced. 

What Is Alight Motion Watermark Feature?

A watermark is a clear logo that wraps a photo that can be included in all video customizing tools. The presence of watermarks affects the comprehensive quality of the work you have finished. Copyright concerns that the author of the content is dealing with are exposed through watermarks.

A Comprehensive Tutorial On How To Remove Watermark Within Alight Motion?

There are multiple ways to remove watermarks through the Alight Motion APK.  However, most of them are unable to remove the watermark or translucent image of a film. We will walk you through the two methods that are considered the most effective in eliminating the appearance of watermarks on Alight Motion.

For this approach, use a third-party application that can support removing watermarks through videos.  This approach has a short learning curve.  Every time, ensure you follow the directions!

1. Sign up in Alight Motion Mod APK, then navigate to the photo or video you want to edit and click on it.

2. Review your work after applying any transitions, effects, and filters, and next save it.

3. Now, scroll down, choose the “Export” option, and save your project in any format of your choice, such as MP4.

4. Then, go to InShot Mod APK and prevent it on your phone.  Begin the downloading process and check everything is configured properly before utilizing this app.

5. The choice to remove the watermark at no cost will now be given to you. Congratulations, your finished product does not currently have a watermark.

The Second Approach Is Downloading The Alight Motion Mod APK

The watermark can be deleted from the video utilizing this method, which is another procedure. This method is actually straightforward. Installing the APK version of Alight Motion allows you to customize videos without looking at the watermark.

To apply this process, please do the following.  This version has a choice to delete the watermark, which is integrated right inside.  You just need to download the Alight Motion APK to complete your work without facing any problems.

  • To start, could you please move to the “Settings” menu?
  • After that, choose either “Security or Safety”.
  • Ā Then, choose “Unknown Source or Unknown Source” from the drop-down menu.
  • You need to enable the resources and install the APK on your device.
  • Ā Please add the video you want to edit utilizing the APK after the downloading of the APK is complete.

How do remove the watermark Within the alight motion for free?

1. The APK can be utilized after downloading from the download page.

2. To continue, please make your latest video project by tapping on the “+” icon in the app.

3. Next, select the video quality, frame rate, and background or backdrop.

4. Then, choose the “Create Project” icon, and after that, please upload the video to be converted.

5. Then, all you have to do is tap on the icon that has the appearance of an exit arrow to export the movie.

6. After that, select the format you need to utilize, and next click the “Export” button once again.

 After waiting for the procedure to finish, you will not see the watermark and can see the result.  In this way, dear friends, you will not have any problem removing the watermark from Alight Motion.

Mod Features

  • No paid membership is required.
  • No watermark.
  • No Ads
  • Unlocking pro features.
  • A variety of transitions and visual effects are in your hands.
  • Ā There are different layers of text, layers of filters, and layers of font.
  • Ā Bug fixes and other enhancements


Utilizing an online site is the first method to remove a watermark from a video.

 When you begin editing your project after installing the application, you may receive a notification that there is a watermark for Alight Motion in the zone where you are viewing it.

A watermark by itself does not constitute copyright in any way.

Final Words

Alight Motion is the most versatile and feature-rich editing application available on the Google Play Store.  When a watermark is present, people get frustrated throughout the editing process as it lowers the overall quality of the edited product.

Go ahead, give it a shot now, and after seeing the result, you will be very happy to use it.  You should know that apart from the functions included for free, alight Motion Pro APK offers additional features that are not included in the original version.

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