Alight Motion vs InShot

Alight Motion vs InShot A Full Comparison of Video Editing Apps

Two well-known mobile video editing applications are InShot and Alight Motion. These apps are ideal for a variety of uses, including YouTube, social media, and personal projects, because they offer a range of capabilities for creating and editing movies. To assist you in selecting the application that is best for you, we will also go over the advantages and disadvantages of each one and give a conclusion.

Alight Motion vs InShot

What Is Alight Motion?

Alight Motion is a Mobile-Specific video editing and animation app. With the support of numerous tools, including motion graphics, visual effects, and audio editing, users may produce and edit videos. It provides a free Pro edition and is compatible with IOS and Android devices. 

Users can access sophisticated capabilities like keyframe animation, multiple video and audio tracks, and more with the Pro edition. For those who wish to produce interesting videos while on the road, it is well-liked among social media marketers, YouTubers, and video artists.

What Is Inshot?

With the support of the mobile video editing app InShot, users of iOS and Android smartphones may make and edit videos. The application provides a plethora of options for altering videos, such as text, emoticons, music, trimming, chopping, and combining video clips. 

Primary video effects like filters and colour tweaks are also available in InShot. For rapid video editing on mobile devices, this application is highly popular among social media aficionados, vloggers, and content creators.

Alight Motion vs Inshot Features

While both Alight Motion and InShot are a lot of video editing features applications, there are a few significant distinctions between them. A comparison of some of the primary features of both applications can be seen here:

Alight Motion Features

Superior audio editing: Advanced audio editing features from Alight Motion include pitch shifting, loudness modification, and audio effects.

Vector Graphics and Layout: With the vector drawing and design tools included in Alight Motion, users may make unique shapes and images for their videos.

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics: Keyframe animation is one of the many motion graphics and visual effects that Alight Motion provides, enabling customers to make unique animations for their movies.

Several Audio and Video Tracks: With Alight Motion, users can easily layer different elements and create more sophisticated videos by adding a variety of audio and video tracks to their projects.

exports with several resolutions: exports with translucent backgrounds, in various aspect ratios, file formats, and resolutions. A 4K resolution export is available in the pro version.

Layers and Grouping: Using Alight Motion makes working on complicated projects easier by enabling users to collect and arrange their pieces in layers.

Blending and Masking Modes: With the mask and blending modes that Alight Motion provides, users can combine elements and create more complex compositing effects.

Colour grading and correction: With the help of Alight Motion’s colour correction and grading tools, users can alter the colour of their videos and give them a particular appearance.

Chroma Key: With the help of Alight Motion’s chroma key tool, users can swap out a certain colour in a video for another.

Syncing and mixing of audio: Users of Alight Motion can synchronize audio and video and change the volume of the audio.

Inshot Features

Cut, trim, and combine video clips: With InShot’s indispensable tools for trimming, cropping, and combining video clips, producing a polished end product is a breeze.

Include text, Emojis, and Music: Users of InShot can enhance their videos with text, emoticons, and music to produce interesting social media material.

Principal Effects in Videos: Basic video effects like filters and colour corrections are available in InShot, which can improve the appearance of your recordings.

Control speed: Users of InShot can alter the pace of their films to produce effects such as slow motion or fast motion.

Both Text and stickers: A wide range of text styles and stickers are available in InShot for use in videos.

Collage of videos: With InShot, users may create a single collage by combining various films.

Turn around and Flip: Users of InShot can rotate and flip videos.

Platform Aspect Ratios on Social Media: Preset aspect ratios for social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and others are provided by InShot.

Videos in split screens: With up to four videos side by side, users can make split-screen videos with InShot. With the many capabilities offered by Alight Motion and InShot, users may produce videos with a polished appearance while on the go. On the other hand, Alight Motion offers more sophisticated tools including audio editing, visual effects, and motion graphics. 

However, InShot is mainly focused on simple editing tasks like combining, cropping, and chopping video clips. The decision will be based on the user’s requirements and desired level of editing.

User Interface

Although Alight Motion and InShot’s user interfaces are meant to be simple and intuitive to use, there are some significant distinctions between them.

The user interface of Alight Motion is more intricate and polished, offering a plethora of customizable options and settings. It may take some getting used to the interface’s several parts, which include “Layers,” “Timeline,” and “Properties.” 

But it’s easy to navigate and use the various tools and functions once you become used to the design. More customization options are available in the UI, which is beneficial for experienced users who wish to make distinctive and customized videos.

In contrast, the UI of InShot is more straightforward and efficient. The primary panel of the software provides easy access to tools and options, resulting in a more straightforward organization. The UI is simple to use and comprehend. Nevertheless, sophisticated users may find the UI less customizable than Alight Motion.

Options for exporting videos

While both Alight Motion and InShot provide a range of video export choices, there are some significant distinctions between the two programs.

Alight Motion provides a range of video export choices, encompassing diverse aspect ratios, frame rates, and resolutions. In order to assist in developing videos that may be used in other projects, users can now export videos with translucent backgrounds. 

Users of Alight Motion can also export their videos in a variety of file formats, adding GIF, MP4 and PNG. 4K video exporting is another feature of Alight Motion’s Pro edition.

Conversely, InShot has a smaller range of export choices. While exporting videos in various aspect ratios and resolutions is possible, the options are not as comprehensive as those offered by Alight Motion. 

It is not possible to export videos from InShot in other file formats or with transparent backgrounds. Moreover, the exported videos from the accessible version of InShot have a watermark.

Cost and accessibility

For iOS and Android smartphones, Alight Motion and InShot are both accessible, with both free and premium versions available.

The free edition of Alight Motion comes with a lot of functions, such as audio editing, visual effects, and motion graphics. The amount of layers and objects that can be used in a project is restricted in the free edition, and exports include watermarks. 

You can purchase the Pro edition of Alight Motion within the app. Access to sophisticated features like keyframe animation, multiple audio and video tracks, and 4K export capabilities is provided.

In conclusion, Alight Motion and InShot both have free versions of their apps; however, the commercial versions include more sophisticated capabilities and do away with watermarks and export restrictions. 

Alight Motion’s Pro version costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 annually, but InShot’s Pro version costs $3.99 a month or $19.99 annually. The user’s needs and financial situation will determine which of the two apps they choose.

Pros and Cons

At this point, your video ought to have a “Blur” layer added to it in the timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can define which parts of the video should be blurred and change the blur effect’s intensity by tapping on this layer.


With a more straightforward UI and a more basic collection of functionality, InShot is typically regarded as being more accessible and user-friendly for novices. However, Alight Motion features a more sophisticated and user-friendly UI with a ton of customizable choices that can be too much for some inexperienced users to handle.

Only iOS and Android mobile devices can use Alight Motion. InShot features a desktop version for Windows and Mac, but it’s also accessible for mobile devices.

Final Words

To sum up, Alight Motion and InShot are robust and easy-to-use mobile video editing applications. With the abundance of features and capabilities provided by both applications, users can produce videos that appear professional while on the go. 

With its basic UI and necessary video editing tools, InShot is an app that is easier to use and more accessible to users. In addition, it gives users speed control and instantaneous effects when they add text, music, and emoticons to movies. But compared to Alight Motion, the capabilities are less sophisticated and there are fewer export possibilities. 

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