Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor [Full Comparison]

Alight Motion vs VN Video Editor

Almost everyone creates video content in this world of social media explosion, whether they are avid users of the platform or just regular users attempting to make cherished family or event videos. Because smartphone applications put so much power in your hands, they have revolutionised the experience of generating videos. 

You don’t want a powerful computer or to spend hours at a desk to generate something worthwhile. Alight Motion and VN are considered the best apps on the market out of all the widely used ones because they each have their special qualities. 

While VN is a very lightweight and basic application with an intuitive user interface, Alight Motion has more sophisticated animation and visual effects.

Alight Motion Overview

Alight Motion Mod APK is a robust editing tool with unique capabilities to meet the demands of both novice and expert users. It has several effects and transitions, timeline-based editing, and keyframe animations among its features.

Additionally, you can make your own stickers and vectors to incorporate into your project. You should choose Alight Motion if you are an experienced and proficient animator or video editor. Compared to a VN video editor, it has a steeper learning curve, therefore you should be more experienced in video editing.

Alight Motion Features

Keyframe animation: Including animations in your movie utilizing Alight Motion is a simple procedure. Professional animators will find this feature extremely advantageous as it permits keyframe animation, a function that other video editing applications do not provide. For easier animations, you also receive the Easing Keyframes feature.

Timeline-based editing: Alight Motion’s timeline view greatly aids in video editing; it makes it simple to view, adjust, and experiment with your effects and video clips. To be more attractive, you can move objects back and forth or drag and drop items.

Outstanding library: You can choose from a collection of presets of various effects, animations, and transitions to include some of them in your video editing experience for your project. Alight Motion also gives a lot of tools for drawing animations, so you can do that in addition to the above.

VN Video Editor

However, VN Video Editor is a simple-to-use application for editing videos since it provides a straightforward user interface that permits you to interact and edit videos without the need to master any specific skills or take much time to get started. 

It is appropriate for users of social media or those who prefer to quickly edit videos before sharing them on social media. A lot of features are available, such as color grading, auto-correction, speed curves, backdrop removal, and music beat adjustment. 

VN Video Editor Overview

Background remover: With this capability, we may eliminate the backdrops surrounding any selected object or the main object, leaving them useful for subsequent videos. Alternatively, we might include a background on our selection.

One of the best functions in video editing is auto-captions, which saves hours of work when making and editing captions for longer projects. The VN editor will take care of this for you shortly. You’ll be able to make more and post straight to social media as a result of this. Although Alight Motion does not have auto-captioning, you can still include captions in your movies.

Instant sharing: Unlike the Alight option, the VN editor lets you share your content straight to social media. Before uploading it anywhere, you must first export the project to your mobile device.

A comparison between Alight Motion and VN Video Editor

User-friendliness: With its intuitive UI and easy functionality, the VN video editor emerges victorious in this category. Since Alight Motion has an extensive function set, it is not advised for starters to utilize it unless you have a firm understanding of how to use it.

Editing capabilities: Alight Motion will continue to win in this category because of its outstanding features for customers who are professionals. You can quickly create animated vectors and use well-known DJ effects to make intricate animations and visual effects. VN is incredibly basic and is unable to do such difficult jobs.

Effects and transitions: Compared to VN, Alight Motion provides a wide selection of effects and transitions. With their support, your projects will be more interesting and amazing to watch. You can also use the Velocity editing option to adjust the speed of your movies. The Variety has a wealth of resources, including animation and visual effects. This VN library doesn’t have much to offer.

Performance: Because VN is lighter and easier to use than Alight Motion, it renders photos more quickly. When it comes to editing and posting your project on social media, this is your best bet.

Price: VN Video Editor is completely free to use there are no subscription fees just install and go. Alight Motion has a limited-time free version that you can use; however, you can’t use its pro functions unless you find a method to remove the watermark. Alight Motion can be purchased for $2.98 a month, and there are also ways to get a free membership.


Indeed, Alight Motion and VN Video Editor are compatible with both Android and IOS devices.

To add text and subtitles to your videos, use the straightforward and user-friendly interface provided by VN Video Editor.

High-resolution video exports are supported by both apps, so your material will look amazing across all platforms.

Although Alight Motion’s free edition has a lot of useful features, its Premium version is advised for usage in professional settings because of its enhanced functionality.

Final Words

We know which Alight Motion vs. VN matchup is better for you after this matchup. Get a VN video editor if you’re a novice user or need to make videos for social media; however, if you’re a professional user searching for an application to do sophisticated editing or animations, choose Alight Motion. 

The skill level of each candidate is another consideration in this selection process. It will take some time to learn alight movements if you are new to it.

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