guide to using the alight motion dots effect

Guide To Using The Alight Motion Dots Effect

guide to using the alight motion dots effect


Alight Motion’s Dots effect is a flexible tool that lets you incorporate randomized dot patterns into your animations or films. The Dots effect offers countless creative possibilities, whether your goal is to replicate insects, bokeh effects, snowflakes, or cherry blossoms. We’ll look at how to apply the Dots effect to improve your projects in this article.

Making Use of the Dots Effect

Apply the Dots effect to the chosen layer in your project to get started. The Alight Motion Effects option is where you may locate the Dots effect. Once applied, you can modify the dot pattern’s appearance using a range of settings.

Changing the Properties of Dots

  • Scale: Modify the dots pattern’s overall scale.
  • Radius: Calculate the size of every single dot.
  • Density: Adjust the dot pattern’s density.
  • Colors 1 and 2: Describe the hues utilized for the dots.
  • Alpha: Adjust the dot pattern’s opacity.
  • Select the blend mode to control how the dots mix in with the background layer.
  • Seed: Modify the seed value to create arbitrary dot patterns.
  • Slack: Adjust the degree of unpredictability in each cell’s dot placement.

Innovative Uses

There are several inventive ways to employ the Dots effect:

Snow Flurries: Animate the dots to fall with a tiny side movement to create a snowy landscape.

Cherry Blossoms: Use light and medium pink dots and animate their movement to create the illusion of cherry blossoms blowing in the wind.

Bokeh: To create a bokeh effect, use the Screen blending mode, decrease density, and increase the scale and radius of the dots.

Insects: Use phase animation to animate the movement of your dots and change their size and feathering to mimic fireflies or ants.

Animation with Keyframes

Use keyframe animation with characteristics like Phase or Offset to create dynamic effects. This gives your project more depth and realism by enabling you to animate the dots’ appearance, movement, and location over time.

Final Words

The Dots effect in Alight Motion gives countless creative possibilities for improving your films and animations thanks to its adaptable qualities and broad range of uses. Try a variety of animations and settings to get the ideal effect and appearance for your project. Use the Dots effect to unleash your imagination and give your ideas life!

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