How to modify the speed in Alight Motion

How To Modify Video Speed In Alight Motion [Complete Tutorial]

How to modify the speed in Alight Motion

Alight Motion provides an adaptable method for managing the speed of your films. To generate dynamic edits, you can achieve both slowing down and speeding up effects. In this tutorial, we’ll look at two ways to change the video speed in Alight Motion:

Making Use of the Time Stretch Tool

  • This is the best way to make small changes to your video clip’s overall speed.
  • Bring in your video clip: Open Alight Motion, then import the video for editing. To add it to the timeline, drag & drop.
  • Choose the video: To play a video clip, simply tap on it within the timeline.
  • To utilize the Time Stretch Tool, find the three horizontal lines that make up the hamburger menu on the timeline’s clip layer. Select “Time Stretch” from the menu by tapping on it.
  • Modify the Speed: The clip will display a percentage figure. The video will play more quickly if you drag the slider to the right, increasing the speed by up to 400%. The speed will drop to 0.25% when you drag to the left, giving the impression that things are moving slowly.
  • Play the video to see a preview of the speed adjustment before exporting it. After you’re happy, export your video using the new speed.

Controlling Variable Speed using Keyframes

  • You can build sections of your video at different speeds using this method, which gives you more precise control over the speed of the content.
  • Bring in and Pick: Just like in Method 1, import the video clip and choose it from the timeline.
  • To access the Transformation Panel, simply tap the “T” icon located on the clip layer.
  • Access Speed: Find the “Speed” option in the Transform panel.
  • Create Keyframes: To create a keyframe, tap the stopwatch icon that appears next to “Speed”. This establishes the speed as of right now. To adjust the speed, move the playhead to the desired location on the timeline.
  • Modify Velocity and Insert Keyframes: At that point, adjust the number in the “Speed” section to match the intended speed (e.g., 2 for double speed, 0.5 for half speed).
  • Once more, tap the stopwatch symbol to generate a new keyframe that locks in the updated speed. For more speed changes during the video, repeat these steps.
  • Preview and Export: To see how the speed varies during the video, move the playhead over it. Once satisfied, export your footage using the variable speed adjustments.

Additional Tips:

  • While exporting, think about utilizing higher frame rates (e.g., 60fps) for more fluid slow-motion effects.
  • During speed changes, adding visual effects like blurring can improve the transition and give the scene a more professional appearance.
  • Try varying the pace to make edits that are interesting and dynamic.
  • You may efficiently adjust the speed of videos in Alight Motion to give your projects a creative touch by using these techniques.

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