alight motion curl effect complete overview

Alight Motion Curl Effect: [Complete Overview]

alight motion curl effect complete overview


Alight Motion’s Curl effect causes a layer to be deformed by curving it from one end into a circle. It is a flexible tool that may be used to make dynamic animations that resemble writing, banners, or candy canes rolling or unrolling.

Overview of Properties

  • Offset: Specifies where the layer curls in relation to the virtual circle.
  • Radius: Defines the virtual circle’s radius.
  • Which end of the layer curls around the circle is determined by the Curl From.
  • Direction: Indicates where the virtual circle should be placed and which way the layer should curl.
  • Stretch: Regulates how much the layer’s coiled section is stretched or compressed.


Ayer Setup: Long, thin layers that are wider than they are tall are ideal for the Curl look. Make sure the size of your layer is right for the desired curl.

To create tall, thin layers, use the Move and Transform panel to start with a wide, thin layer and rotate it by ninety degrees.

Implementing the Impact

Give your layer the Curl effect. To get the desired curl effect, change the settings as follows: Depending on the preferred curl orientation, set Curl From and Direction. If the curled portion looks deformed, adjust Stretch. To get the required position and curve, adjust the Radius and Offset.


Use keyframe animation on the Offset property to animate the curl effect. To achieve a more organic unrolling appearance, think about animating the Radius attribute.

Use Cases

Unrolling Impact: To replicate the unrolling of items, such banners or scrolls, use keyframes with offset. Perfect for text animations with increasingly unraveling letters.

Candies: Using tiny rectangles and colored stripes, create horizontal candy cane forms. Use the Curl effect and modify the settings to get the desired appearance and curvature. To complete the candy cane shape, use the Move and Transform panel to rotate the layer vertically.


Alight Motion’s Curl effect provides a plethora of artistic opportunities, ranging from creating elaborate candy cane designs to mimicking the unrolling of banners. You can easily add depth and vitality to your animations by learning its features and experimenting with different use cases. Kindly visit for detailed downloading guide on Alight Motion Clouds Effect.

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