alight motion dark glow effect

Mastering The Alight Motion Dark Glow Effect: Full Guide

alight motion dark glow effect


Based on a luminance threshold, the Alight Motion Dark Glow effect generates striking dark blooms around darker regions in a picture or video layer.

It’s an effective tool for adding special transitions to your videos, increasing shadows, and producing ink bleed effects. We’ll look at how to apply this effect to improve your projects in this tutorial.

Recognizing the Features

  • Diffusion: Adjust the glow’s fuzziness as it emanates from shadowy regions.
  • Threshold: Define the brightness threshold at which pixels begin to glow darkly.
  • Color: Select a hue to use with the Multiply blending option for the glow.
  • Blend: Modify how the glow color and the original pixel color are blended together.
  • Alpha: Adjust the glow’s opacity.

Comprehensive Guide

1. Utilizing the Impact: On the relevant layer of your photo or video, apply the Dark Glow effect.

2. Modifying Diffusion and Threshold: To attain the appropriate shadow definition, start by setting Diffusion to zero and then play around with the Threshold value. Increase Diffusion progressively to soften the shadows’ edges.

3. Changing the Blend and Color: Make sure the glow hue you select is darker than the original media. To regulate how the glow color and the original pixel color mix together, adjust mix. Use a low blend value for a modest appearance.

4. Optimizing Alpha: To alter the glow’s opacity and get the right intensity, adjust the Alpha value.

Techniques and Use Cases

1. Enhancement of Shadows: Choose a dark complementary color or black to set Color. To obtain the required shadow definition, start with Diffusion and Threshold at 0 and increase Threshold progressively.

To slightly soften the edges of the shadows, increase Diffusion. To get the required shadow strength, adjust Alpha.

2. Ink Bleed Transition or Effect: Choose the desired ink color by setting Color. Increase Blend and Alpha. Reduce Diffusion and animate Threshold (or Diffusion, if necessary) using keyframe animation.

This method can be applied to produce interesting transitions or ink bleed effects.

Final Words

You can easily add depth, eye-catching visual effects, and enhanced shadows to your films with the Alight Motion Dark Glow effect. Try out different configurations and investigate a range of applications.

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