how to use alight motion apk

How To Use Alight Motion APK [Full Tutorial] 2024

how to use alight motion?

In this guide, we have explained everything straightforwardly and reasonably, especially for beginners; then, you will learn how to use Alight Motion APK very well. So why delay? Let’s start. So, first, install Alight Motion. After installing, open the app so beginners can come behind this guide from the start. 

How To Use Alight Motion APK & Start A New Project?

After opening the app here, you get add button. Click on the add button to get project settings; you can select the resolution according to you and choose the frame rate. After that, you just click on Create a Project.

You will have an editing panel open; now, here, you will see another add button; after clicking on the add button, you will see a shape written in which you will find many shapes. Then you get the media button from there. You add media with it; you can add audio from the audio button and objects from the object button. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Media Tutorial

In media, you will click on download. Here you can access all the folders in your device from media and believe you have many projects in any 1 folder. There are many media, and then on download, when you click on the icon, the entire panel will open in front of you, which makes it easy for you to select items, meaning you can select multiple media by holding.

This means press and holds as much as you want to select. You will press them one by one while importing, and here you get both options. If you see the first option, its icon shows that as you click on it, it will be added one by one, meaning that the layers will be below one layer and one layer below. But the second one is when you click after a layer is added; that’s the difference.

Audio Tutorial

Ok, so first, we had to add music; if you add any beep sound, you will see the same interface as soon as you click on the audio. As soon as you view all and click on the album here, you can access all the folders you have on your device believe you have a music folder where you can add music.

Application NameAlight Motion Mod APK
DeveloperAdobe Alight Creative
Current Versionv5.0.229.1001615

How To Use Alight Motion Pro APK, Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Follow this tutorial to learn basic editing.

  • You have two options to choose from: manually customize each image, to begin with, and utilize the editing tool on all picked images.
  • You need to make sure that the image is well-composed.
  • Use the filter library either by hand for every image or automatically for all at once.
  • Write what you want to convey in your photo Alight Motion Mod APK has over 2000+ font layers to choose from.
  • Now back to the editing mood and observe in light of the latest changes made to the photo or video.
  • The converted content must then be saved using a variety of different partitions.
  • So, after converting your work, divide it into several formats, like MP4.
  • You will be glad to know that this video is complete, and now you can share it with your friends and on various social media platforms.

Is There a Price To Use Alight Motion APK?

Annual and monthly subscription options are available on the Play Store for users who prefer the mod version of Alight Motion APK. But we are giving you the modified version of Alight Motion APK on this website completely free it has all the features in the paid version on Play Store. You can utilize it on your Android or PC.

The Basic Plan Include Following Benefits:

1. Just the most essential qualities.

2. Used in videos that need to be edited is the watermark feature.

The Pro Or Paid Version Has These Features:

1. Pro Features

2. Without Watermark

3. A feature that allows converting videos to be exported at excellent resolution

4. Pro Subscription

5. Pro Activated

6. No Lag

7. No Ads

8. XML Support

Alight Motion Stands Out From All Further Apps Due To The Below Mention Features:

  • Keyframe Animations
  • Creating Graphics
  • Visual Effects
  • Color Adjustment
  • Motion Graphics
  • Producing High-Quality Videos

Alight Motion is the choice of most video editing users because of these features. You are given a platform that allows you to edit high-standard movies by doing advanced animations, visual effects, video compositing, and visual effects.

Because the basic plan provides access to very few features, if you want to enjoy all these great features, you can subscribe to its paid version from Play Store or download the modified version for free from this website. Alight Motion APK is a responsive app that allows you to create high-quality videos and export them and is packed with many useful full features.

Elements Of Alight Motion APK

The element of motion plays a vital role while editing videos. You can find renewable elements by clicking the “My Elements Collection” through the navigation bar. Why are we speaking about the multiple features of Alight Motion APK? If you don’t use these features in your project, then your project will not be good.

When it comes to sharing content you create and save in Alight Motion with friends, Alight Motion gives you a variety of options to choose from.


The instructions in this article are beneficial to all users regardless of whether they are experienced in the program or not.

First, you need to get an emulator and install it on your private computer, launch the app on the device you are using, and start the editing project by following this article. You can learn more by inspecting Alight Motion For Windows on your private computer.

Final Words

If you need to customize your movies by adding fantastic motion graphics and animations on your device, then Alight Motion is the best choice for you to use. This app is consistent with a lot of devices, and any minor problems can be easily resolved by contacting customer service. The article will be helpful, especially if you are just beginning.

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