alight motion's directional blur effect

Alight Motion’s Directional Blur Effect [Complete Guide]

alight motion's directional blur effect


The Directional Blur effect is one of the many effective effects that Alight Motion provides to improve your artistic endeavors. This effect gives your animations more depth and dynamism by simulating the blurry look of motion in a fixed direction. We’ll delve into the nuances of the Directional Blur effect and examine its many uses in this article.

Recognizing the Features

Strength: Manage the blur’s intensity. For no blur, use zero; for greater blur effects, use an increase.

Angle: Indicate which way the blur is going. The blur is horizontal at 0 degrees, and the angle is expressed in degrees.

Examining Applications and Usage

1. Approximation of motion blur: In animations, the Directional Blur effect can be used to simulate motion blur, particularly in motions that don’t directly support the Motion Blur effect, like the movement of three-dimensional forms.

2. The Shine/Glint Effect: A picture or video layer can be duplicated twice and its blending mode changed to Screen. To isolate the light areas of each layer, use Luma Key. For offset blur effects, apply Directional Blur to each layer and change the angle. This gives your images a glimmer or shine effect that gives them a hint of brilliance.

3. Rough Edges: After applying Noise or Block Noise to a layer, turn on Monochrome and Freeze. To add a dynamic aspect to your composition, apply texture streaks to the layer using Directional Blur.

4. Paint Swirl or Marbling: After applying Noise or Block Noise to a layer, turn on Monochrome and Freeze. To add motion blur effects, use Directional Blur. Applying Turbulent Displace and employing keyframe animation to animate paint motion would further enhance the effect.

Some Optimization Advice

Remember that rendering blur effects takes additional processing resources, particularly when using higher intensity values. Optimize your project by removing superfluous layers with strong effects and carefully use blur effects to reduce preview lag.

In Summary

You may improve your animations, give motion graphics more realism, and let your creativity run wild with Alight Motion’s Directional Blur effect. Try with various strength and angle configurations, investigate a range of uses, and let your creativity run wild!

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