the color temperature effect of alight motion

A Full Guide On The Color Temperature Effect Of Alight Motion

the color temperature effect of alight motion


You may alter the overall tone and atmosphere of your movies by adjusting their color temperature with the aid of Alight Motion’s incredible Color Temperature effect.

In this lesson, we’ll walk you through using the Color Temperature effect step-by-step to create stunning visual effects for your video projects.

Insert the video

To get going, launch Alight Motion and create a new project. You need to import the video clip that you want to apply the Color Temperature effect to. This video may have been recorded in a variety of lighting settings, including indoors and outdoors.

Utilize the Effect of Color Temperature

Choose the Layer: Select the layer that has your video footage on it.

Effects of Access: Click or tap the “Effects” toolbar icon.

Select the Color Temperature: In the effects list, scroll down and choose “Color Temperature.”

Modify the Color Temperature Configurations

Slider for Temperature: To change the color temperature of your video, use the temperature slider. The colors will cool down if the slider is moved near the blue end, and warm up if it is moved toward the yellow end.

Slider for Tint: To fine-tune the ratio of green to magenta tones in your movie, move the tint slider. This can assist in removing any undesirable color casts.

Examine and Enhance

To see a preview of the Color Temperature effect, play your video. Ensuring that the color tweaks improve the overall mood and ambiance of your movie is dependent on this phase. If necessary, return and re-adjust the tint and temperature sliders until you get the desired outcome.

Extra Improvements

After you are happy with the color changes, you might want to look into using additional Alight Motion tools to improve your project even more:

Exposure: To fine-tune brightness levels, adjust the overall exposure of your movie.

Contrast: Boost contrast to bring out the colors in your image and enhance overall clarity.

Color Grading: To attain a particular visual style, add more color grading effects.

Export and Preview

Make sure all of the changes are to your satisfaction by watching your movie one last time. After you’re happy, go to the export settings and select the format, resolution, and quality settings that best suit your needs.

When you select “Export,” Alight Motion will produce the finished video and apply the Color Temperature effect.


To sum up, by learning how to control the color temperature in your films with Alight Motion, you can improve the overall ambiance and mood while also producing visually striking effects.

Try varying the temperature and tint settings to get the ideal effect for your video. With a little effort and imagination, you can use this effective tool to create videos that will wow your audience. Have fun with your edits!

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