How To Use Alight Motion Turbulence effect

How To Use Alight Motion Turbulence effect [Full Guide]

How To Use Alight Motion Turbulence effect

With the help of the robust mobile video editing program Alight Motion, users may produce amazing visual effects. Alight Motion’s Turbulence effect is a fantastic tool for giving your videos dynamic, moving distortions. Learn how to utilize the Turbulence effect in Alight Motion by following this comprehensive guide:

First, activate Alight Motion: Open the Alight Motion application on your handheld gadget. You can get it from your app store if you don’t already have it installed.

Begin a New Project

To apply the Turbulence effect, open an existing project or start a new one.

Include a Layer: To add a new layer to your project, tap the “+” icon. Select if you want to start from the beginning and build a new layer or add the Turbulence effect to an already-existing video.

Apply the Turbulence Effect: After selecting your layer, tap the “Effects” icon (a magic wand) at the bottom of the screen. Find “Turbulence” in the Effects panel and click on it.

Modify Turbulence Parameters

You can tweak the distortion by adjusting the settings that appear after the Turbulence effect is applied. These could consist of:

Scale: Manages the turbulence’s size. Larger, more noticeable distortions are produced by higher values.

Speed: Modifies the turbulence’s movement speed. The effect becomes more dynamic at higher numbers.

Complexity: Modifies the turbulence pattern’s intricate nature. Increased values result in more intricate distortions.

Evolution: Modifies the turbulence’s course over time. To produce a constant stream of distortions, adjust this.

Examine Your Impact

Use the playback option to see how the Turbulence effect will appear in your video before committing to your edits. This gives you the opportunity to make any necessary changes to get the desired visual effect.

Adjust and Try Again

You can play with the parameters to get the right amount of turbulence. Utilize Alight Motion’s various effects and components in conjunction with the Turbulence effect to produce a more intricate and eye-catching composition.

Export and Save

Save your project and export it to the preferred video file if you are happy with the Turbulence effect. With the several export choices offered by Alight Motion, you may share your work across multiple platforms.

Final Words

Don’t overdo the Turbulence effect in your video; use it wisely. Try experimenting with keyframes to produce turbulence that varies dynamically over time.

For a more professional appearance, use the Turbulence effect with other effects like color grading and transitions. You can now use Alight Motion to incorporate eye-catching turbulence effects into your videos!

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